Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2019

Pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification. Complete AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Training!


  • Know the basics of IT
  • No AWS Cloud experience is necessary, we’ll use the AWS Free Tier
  • Windows / Linux / Mac OS X Machine

Welcome! I’m here to help you prepare and PASS the newest AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam.

[July 2019 Update]: Few lectures refreshed, including AWS Budgets and EC2 placement groups.


Beginners welcome: no need to know anything about AWS!

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is one of the most challenging exams. It’s great at assessing how well you understand not just AWS, but making sure you are making the best architectural decisions based on situations, which makes this certification incredibly valuable to have and pass. Rest assured, I’ve passed it myself with the score of 982 out of 1000. Yes you read that right, I only made one mistake! Next, I want to help YOU pass the AWS Solutions Architect certification with flying colors.

This is going to be a long journey, but passing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam will be worth it!

This course is different from the other ones you’ll find on Udemy. Dare I say, better (but you’ll judge!)

  • We will spend over three hours discussing solution architecture on AWS in depth.
  • It covers in depth all the new topics on the AWS Certified Solutions Architect SAA-C01 exam
  • It’s packed with practical knowledge on how to use AWS inside and out as a solutions architect
  • It teaches you how to prepare for the AWS exam AND how to prepare for the real world
  • It’s a logical progression of topics, not a laundry list of random services
  • It’s fast paced and to the point
  • It has professional subtitles
  • All 500+ slides available as downloadable PDF

Concretely, here’s what we’ll learn to pass the exam:

  • The AWS Fundamentals: IAM, EC2, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, EBS, EFS, Route 53, RDS, ElastiCache, S3, CloudFront
  • The AWS CLI: CLI setup, usage on EC2, best practices, SDK, advanced usage
  • In Depth Database comparison: RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB, Neptune, ElastiCache, Redshift, ElasticSearch, Athena
  • Monitoring, Troubleshooting & Audit: AWS CloudWatch, CloudTrail
  • AWS Integration & Messaging: SQS, SNS, Kinesis
  • AWS Serverless: AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Cognito
  • AWS Security best practices: KMS, SSM Parameter Store, IAM Policies
  • VPC & Networking in depth
  • AWS Other Services Overview: CICD (CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy), CloudFormation, ECS, Step Functions, SWF, EMR, Glue, OpsWorks, ElasticTranscoder, AWS Organizations, Workspaces, AppSync, Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Tips to ROCK the exam

This course is full of opportunities to apply your knowledge:

  • There are many hands-on lectures in every section
  • There are quizzes at the end of every section
  • There’s a practice exam at the end of the course
  • We’ll be using the AWS Free Tier most of the time
  • I’ll be showing you how to go beyond the AWS Free Tier (you know… real world!)



My name is Stephane Maarek, and I’ll be your instructor in this course. I am an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer and AWS Certified SysOps, and the author of highly-rated & best selling courses on AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation & AWS EC2. I’ve already taught 65,000+ students and received 19,000+ reviews.

I’ve decided it’s time for students to properly learn how to be AWS Certified Solutions Architects. You are in good hands!


This course also comes with:

✔ Lifetime access to all future updates

✔ A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section

✔ Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

✔ A 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!

Join me in this course if you want to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam and master the AWS platform!

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?

  • Anyone wanting to acquire the knowledge to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification
  • Solutions Architects who want to know how to leverage all AWS services for their solution architecture

1 Course Introduction
2 Creating an AWS Account
3 AWS Budget Setup
4 Important Message

Code & Slides Download
5 Slides and Code Download

AWS Fundamentals IAM & EC2
6 AWS Fundamentals – Section Introduction
7 Private vs Public vs Elastic IP
8 Private vs Public vs Elastic IP Hands On
9 Install Apache on EC2
10 EC2 User Data
11 EC2 Instances Launch Modes
12 EC2 Launch Modes Hands On
13 EC2 Instance Types Deep Dive
14 EC2 AMIs
15 EC2 AMI Hands On
16 AWS Regions and AZs
17 Cross Account AMI Copy
18 EC2 Placement Groups
19 EC2 for the Solution Architect
20 IAM Introduction
21 IAM Hands On
22 EC2 Introduction
23 How to SSH using Linux or Mac
24 How to SSH using Windows
25 Introduction to Security Groups
26 Security Groups Deep Dive

High Availability and Scalability ELB & ASG
27 High Availability and Scalability
28 Load Balancing Overview
29 Load Balancers Hands On
30 Adding Instances to our Load Balancer
31 Load Balancers Stickiness
32 Load Balancing for Solutions Architects
33 Auto Scaling Groups Overview
34 Auto Scaling Groups Hands On
35 Auto Scaling Groups for Solutions Architects

EC2 Storage – EBS & EFS
36 EBS Intro
37 EFS Hands On
38 EBS & EFS – Section Cleanup
39 EBS & EFS For Solutions Architect
40 EBS Intro Hands On
41 EBS Volume Types Deep Dive
42 EBS Operation Snapshots
43 EBS Operation Volume Migration
44 EBS Operation Volume Encryption
45 EBS vs Instance Store
46 EBS RAID configurations
47 EFS Overview

AWS Fundamentals RDS + Aurora + ElastiCache
48 AWS RDS Overview
49 ElastiCache for Solution Architect
50 AWS RDS Hands On
51 RDS Security
52 RDS for Solutions Architect
53 Aurora Overview
54 Aurora Hands On
55 Aurora for Solution Architect
56 AWS ElastiCache Overview
57 AWS ElastiCache Hands On

Route 53
58 Route 53 Overview
59 Routing Policy – Failover
60 Routing Policy – Geolocation
61 Routing Policy – Multi Value
62 rd Party Domains & Route 53
63 Section Cleanup
64 Route 53 Hands On
65 Route 53 – EC2 Setup
66 Route 53 – TTL
67 CNAME vs Alias
68 Routing Policy – Simple
69 Routing Policy – Weighted
70 Routing Policy – Latency
71 Route 53 Health Checks

Classic Solutions Architecture Discussions
72 Solutions Architecture Discussions Overview
73 WhatsTheTime.com
74 MyClothes.com
75 MyWordPress.com
76 Instantiating applications quickly
77 Beanstalk Overview
78 Beanstalk Hands On

Amazon S3 Introduction
79 Amazon S3 – Section Introduction
80 AWS S3 Buckets and Objects
81 AWS S3 Versioning
82 AWS S3 Encryption
83 AWS S3 Security & Bucket Policies
84 AWS S3 Websites
86 AWS S3 Consistency Model

AWS CLI, SDK, IAM Roles & Policies
87 Developing on AWS Introduction
88 AWS EC2 Instance Metadata
89 AWS SDK Overview
90 AWS CLI Setup on Windows
91 AWS CLI Setup on Mac OS X
92 AWS CLI Setup on Linux
93 AWS CLI Configuration
94 AWS CLI on EC2
95 AWS CLI Practice with S3
96 IAM Roles and Policies Hands On
97 AWS Policy Simulator

Advanced S3 CloudFront, Snowball, Storage Gateway, Athena
98 S3 MFA Delete
99 S3 Lifecycle Rules
100 Snowball Overview
101 Snowball Hands On
102 Storage Gateway for S3
103 Storage Gateway for S3 – Hands On
104 Athena Overview
105 Athena Hands On
106 Section Cleanup
107 S3 Default Encryption
108 S3 Access Logs
109 S3 Cross Region Replication
110 S3 Pre-signed URLs
111 CloudFront Overview
112 CloudFront with S3 – Hands On
113 CloudFront for Solutions Architects
114 S3 Storage Tiers + Glacier

Decoupling applications SQS, SNS, Kinesis, Active MQ
115 Introduction to Messaging
116 SQS vs SNS vs Kinesis
117 Amazon MQ
119 AWS SQS Console Hands On
120 AWS SQS FIFO Queues
122 AWS SNS Hands On
123 AWS Kinesis Overview
124 AWS Kinesis Hands On
125 Kinesis Security, Firehose and Analytics

Serverless Overviews from a Solution Architect Perspective
126 Serverless Introduction
127 API Gateway Overview
128 API Gateway Basics Hands-On
129 API Gateway Stages and Deployments Hands-On
130 API Gateway Security
131 AWS Cognito Overview
132 Lambda Overview
133 Lambda Hands-On
134 Lambda Configuration
135 AWS Lambda Limits
136 AWS [email protected]
137 DynamoDB Overview
138 DynamoDB Hands-On
139 DynamoDB Advanced Features

Serverless Solution Architecture Discussions
140 Mobile Application MyTodoList
141 Serverless Website MyBlog.com
142 MicroServices Architecture
143 Distributing Paid Content
144 Software updates distribution
145 Big Data Ingestion Pipeline

Databases in AWS
146 Choosing the right database
147 ElasticSearch
148 RDS
149 Aurora
150 ElastiCache
151 DynamoDB
152 S3
153 Athena
154 Redshift
155 Neptune

AWS Monitoring & Audit CloudWatch & CloudTrail
156 AWS Monitoring – Section Introduction
157 AWS CloudWatch Metrics
158 AWS CloudWatch Dashboards
159 AWS CloudWatch Logs
160 AWS CloudWatch Alarms
161 AWS CloudWatch Events
162 AWS CloudTrail

AWS Security & Encryption KMS, SSM Parameter Store, IAM & STS
163 AWS Security – Section Introduction
164 Shared Responsibility Model
165 Encryption 101
166 KMS Overview + Encryption in Place
167 KMS and AWS Lambda Practice
168 SSM Parameter Store Overview
169 SSM Parameter Store Hands On (CLI)
170 SSM Parameter Store Hands On (AWS Lambda)
171 STS & Cross Account Access
172 Identity Federation with SAML & Cognito

Networking – VPC
173 Section Introduction
174 NACL & Security Groups
175 VPC Peering
176 VPC Endpoints
177 VPC Flow Logs + Athena
178 Bastion Hosts
179 Site to Site VPN, Virtual Private Gateway & Customer Gateway
180 Direct Connect & Direct Connect Gateway
181 Egress Only Internet Gateway
182 VPC Section Summary
183 Section Cleanup
184 CIDR, Private vs Public IP
185 Default VPC Overview
186 VPC Overview and Hands On
187 Subnet Overview and Hands On
188 Internet Gateways & Route Tables
189 NAT Instances
190 NAT Gateways
191 DNS Resolution Options

Other Services
192 Other Services Section Introduction
193 ElasticTranscoder
194 AWS Organizations
195 AWS Workspaces
196 AppSync
197 AWS Single Sign On
198 Other Services Cheat Sheet
199 CICD Introduction
200 CloudFormation Intro
201 CloudFormation Hands-On
202 ECS Introduction
203 Step Functions & SWF
204 EMR
205 AWS Glue
206 OpsWorks

WhitePapers and Architectures
207 WhitePaper Section Introduction
208 Disaster Recovery in AWS
209 Well Architected Framework Overview + Well Architected Tool
210 st pillar Operational Excellence
211 nd pillar Security
212 rd pillar Reliability
213 th pillar Performance Efficiency
214 th pillar Cost Optimization
215 AWS Trusted Advisor Overview + Hands-On
216 Examples of Architecture

Preparing for the Exam + Practice Exam
217 Exam Preparation – Section Introduction
218 State of Learning Checkpoint
219 Exam Tips
220 Exam Walkthrough and Signup

221 Congratulations
222 Bonus Lecture Special discounts for my other courses


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