The Complete Nmap course: Beginner To Intermediate


THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO  RECONNAISSANCE. USING THE BEST ETHICAL HACKING TOOL Nmap. The goal of this course is to help you learn the basic fundamentals of reconnaissance for ethical hacking. The art of Nmap reconnaissance  is the most fundamental tool for every ethical hacker. This course will help you  to become a better ethical hacker.

WHY Nmap ?

Nmap is the world’s most famous ( for a good reason ) network scanner

In this course you will learn to craft your own Probes with customised  TCP and ICMP packets

This course is HANDS ON . no power points or fancy words .

if you are interested in pen testing and want to learn the art of reconnaissance , then you have come to the right place


When you master Nmap, you also master network protocols and TCP-IP

  • here You will learn of major network protocols : UPNP, DHCP, SMB, HTTP, DNS  and how to use their weaknesses and discover valuable information on the network you wish to pen test
  • Craft your own TCP and ICMP Probes
  • discover hosts on the network
  • scan for open, closed, filtered and unfiltered ports
  • Understand how Nmap works behind the scenes
  • Evade FW
  • Practice the best discovery Nmap Scripts


  • students who have little or no experience in penetration testing.
  • anyone who is interested in ethical hacking and wants to become one

Who is the target audience?

  • Any one interested in ethical hacking and penetration test and want to master the art of Nmap reconnaissance


  • Motivation, Curios about ethical hacking and pen testing, Comfortable using the command line interface (CLI), basic understanding of TCP-IP ( optional )

Last updated 9/2018


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